Use our Toolbar to surf the web through our International Geo-Proxy Servers.

See the same content as your visitors and clients in that country with just few clicks of your mouse.


Unlimited Traffic

Our customers get access to our premium servers with download speeds of up to 15,000 Kbit/s

Over 60 Countries

We have server across 4 continents and over 60 countries

Firefox & Chrome Support

We provide our customers with an add-on for Firefox and Google Chrome


  • Visit blocked sites
  • Change your IP and country
  • Browse the web anonymously
  • Bypass Geo IP blocks

PPC Benefits

See your ad campaigns as if you were a local user on your target country

SEO Benefits

Check how your site looks on different search engines (,, etc.)

For Media and PR Companies

Complete control over your clients online campaigns visibility when running in different countries

SEO Agencies

Get accurate data and bypass Google's geographical limitations

PPC & Media Buyers

Ensure the ads you are running are showing correctly across different channels and geographies

"Leappy out-performs and out-features the competition"

~ Shachar Yemini (Media Buyer)