What is Leappy?

Using our Toolbar for Chrome or Firefox on Windows and Mac OS X, you can surf the web through an International Geo-Proxy Server, allowing you to see the same content as your visitors and clients in that country with just few clicks of your mouse.

Google is more than likely to direct your queries to their nearest geographic Data Center whose index can be different to that in your target country.

So whichever way you slice it, there’s nothing like physically being in the actual country where your searches are being performed to see exactly where your site ranks – and your competitors!

By using Leappy, you can set your browser so that the Search Engine serves up the same results to you, as your visitors and clients see in that country.

Gather Market Intelligence on Your Competitors

It’s not just SERPs that vary between countries. The Ads/Sponsored Links served up also vary. Even though Google does allow you to preview their Ads, you can’t click on them to see where they go! And not all Search Engines provide even that functionality!

And as a SEM Pro you know you need to look beyond SERPs to see adverts on other strategic web sites. More and more advertising platforms are Geo-specific. Ads you see on a web site are often different in other countries.

So to see what your competitors are doing overseas, you have to be able to physically surf from that country.

By installing Leappy on your Web Browser, you can surf the net as if you were in another country. You see what your prospects see and you see what your clients see. You can see what your competitors are doing, as well as seeing what happens (or doesn’t happen) to your own Ads overseas.

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